This is an essay about a dozen beautiful objects. The quality referred to here is not about the appearance of the object. Rather, it is about the remarkable manner in which these artefacts 'get things right'.

When there is no better conceivable way an artefact can fulfill its function or purpose, that often is a sign of obviosity. There might be other 'alternatives' out there, but none does it better.

This 'obviousness' is about attention to detail to the small things that fall by the wayside. Those small details that when attended to, make a significant difference. Matters of obvious concern, generally missed.

Their beauty lies not just in the way these objects appeal to our (biological) senses, but a sense guided by intuition and good judgment. Perhaps the most important sense to appeal to is common sense. This obviosity is a hallmark of good design.

in my field of view

I struggle to read the small and barely legible type on the screen and find my entry in a flood of rows.

Not only are they ugly to look at; they were never designed for this purpose.

In it's context, a screen needs to be something passengers can locate easily, in their field of view, and often chaotic surroundings.

A screen that has presence and character,

with just the right scale and angle,

and with legible type one can read.

A screen that is graceful; almost as if it's bowing to its viewer.

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